Permeable FabricAir ducts are ideal for providing draft-free cold air supply while simultaneously preventing the formation of condensation on the duct surface. Condensation can and often lead to the growth of molds and bacteria, which create health risks in the workplace.

Permeable ducts eliminate condensation on the duct surface by creating an “air blanket” around the duct. Permeable fabric ducts are best suited for humid spaces, such as food processing facilities or swimming pools, where there is a high probability of condensation.

FabricAir® Combi is available in variants with both permeable and non-permeable fabric.

FabricAir® Trevira is a permeable fabric. It is suitable in places where there is a risk of bacteria growth or condensation, such as the food industry or indoor pools. 

FabricAir tekstilkanaler er lavet af 100 % polyester, hvilket gør dem til et hygiejnisk valg til luftfordeling. 

Impermeable fabrics are available and depending on your application may be the right choice for you.

FabricAir achieves specific permeabilities using fabrics that are woven to specification. Some manufacturers use a calendaring or thermo-fixation process, which after a single wash loses its' form leading to unpredictable permeability.

The ducts are spot tested, per ISO 9001 quality standards, at our production facility to ensure that the fabric permeability is within acceptable tolerances. FabricAir ducts will retain the specified permeability to withn 5% over the lifetime of the duct.

Traditional HVAC designs require knowing the dew point of the space being conditioned to avoid condensation on the surfaces of the metal ducts and grills.