Nozzles and jets accelerate exit velocity

Nozzles and jets accelerate exit velocity

Nozzles and Jet diffusers increase the throw length by accelerating the flow of air through the reduced diameter of the opening formed by the device.


Comparison of a duct air outlet via the FabricAir nozzle or jet diffuser (left) and ordinary orifice (right). Each shown in three conditions: hot, isothermal and cold.

Air is distributed through built-in Jet-diffusers to provide exceptionally long throws for large areas.

Air is distributed through venturi shaped plastic nozzles with excellent discharge coefficients.

FabricAir offers multiple Linear Flow Models (LFM), however some are more suitable for applications that require extra precision. As the air is discharged from the duct, the air jet begins to expand and the momentum of the air jet is spread to all of the air that is entrained.