Den længste kastelængde nogensinde

Longest throw ever

FabricAir offers the longest throw in the industry with JetFlow!


It can be difficult to get warm air to the occupied zone (typically 1.8 m [6 feet] above the floor) especially in the large, open areas of a building. JetFlow was specifically designed to ensure that warm air reaches the occupied zone to achieve maximum occupant comfort and reduce the risk of stratification, a common problem during the heating season.


Heating is not the only application. JetFlow can also be used for ventilation and cooling purposes. A JetFlow diffuser has a high coefficient of discharge and can therefore produce a longer throw. The size, number, and location of Jet diffusers is determined by the FabricAir Engineering team based on your requirements. Give us a call so our Engineers can help you design your FabricAir dispersion system.

FabricAirs tekstilbaserede luftfordelingssystemer skræddersys til at opfylde de særlige behov i din bygning og tilpasses med den bedst egnede flowmodel eller en kombination af forskellige flowmodeller.

FabricAir offers multiple Linear Flow Models (LFM), however some are more suitable for applications that require extra precision. As the air is discharged from the duct, the air jet begins to expand and the momentum of the air jet is spread to all of the air that is entrained.

Nozzles and Jet diffusers increase the throw length by accelerating the flow of air through the reduced diameter of the opening formed by the device.

The occupied zone is 1.8 m [6 feet] above the floor. This is the area where employees may be working, customers may be shopping or eating, or guests exercising. 

FabricAir dispersion systems are fully customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Air is distributed through built-in Jet-diffusers to provide exceptionally long throws for large areas.