FabricAir Lite 10

FabricAir Lite
FabricAir® Lite is available as non-permeable fabric. The fabric is strong and durable – anti-microbial and anti-static features are optional.
FabricAir® Lite is machine washable and retains its dimensions after washing (max. 0.5% shrinkage). The fabric is available in several standard colors. 

FabricAir® Lite 10 comes with a 3-year warranty.

Color selection

Flow models


Air is distributed through Micro-perforations.


Air is distributed through small orifices.


Air is distributed through lengthwise rows of small orifices.

Air is distri­buted through large orifices.

Data sheet

Variations of the fabric

Certificate comparison

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Shrinkage is less than 0.5%

Duct shrinkage can be a serious problem if uncorrected. Suppose you take down a duct to wash it and afterwards it is two feet shorter and two inches smaller in diameter. 

Colors and special dying

FabricAir ducts are available in a variety of standard colors and custom colors upon request.