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Medical applications often require the highest level of cleanliness, whether it is a clean room or an operating room. FabricAir dispersion systems are a great solution because of the anti-microbial fabric option, the washability of the ducts, general benefits such as no condensation and no drafts, and because our recommmended fabric for Medical applications are compatible with common clean room standards.

It meets the important standards Cleanroom Class 100,000 standard

In the medical industry there are many standards you have to fulfill in order make production. One of the most important standard is Cleanroom Class 100,000. In order to achieve this standard in our production facility we need to have even and effective air distribution in production areas. After examining the FabricAir product line we decided to use the FabricAir Air Dispersion System as we realized that it was the most effective and feasible solution for our demands. In addition, having the feature of cleaning the system by washing was extraordinary, as a hygienic environment is very important for production facilities like ours. 

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