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Food processing applications are the birthplace of FabricAir products. These facilities are typically kept incredibly clean despite the dirty activities that take place on a daily basis. The key to this is frequent wash-downs of every surface in the building, including the air distribution system. FabricAir ducts are a perfect way to make this process easier as they can swiftly be taken down and washed. Between wash-downs you can rest assured that the anti-microbial and condensation resistant selection we recommend will not be the source of any issues in the facility.

Keskinoğlu Chicken Processing, Izmir, Turkey

After we started to use FabricAir Dispersion Systems employee health problems decreased rapidly. The high levels of sick leaves and other absences were primarily caused by bad cooling performance and severe draft issues. Especially in places with low ceilings, our workers had been exposed to high levels of cold drafts. After they replaced the system with a state of the art air dispersion system from FabricAir the majority of these absences were eliminated.

Mehmet Sevim
Chief of Technical Department for Cooling Rooms

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